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Michael Watkins

Mike has close to thirty years of expertise, experience, and a cadre of skills that make for precise
execution of events and the complex strategies of brand management. And although he has spent
the last few years a C-Suite executive of an energy company, he remained critically involved in the
branding and execution of key company events.

Mike cut his teeth in the presenting of major television sports events, celebrity golf events, and
basketball games. These events include but are not limited to the Eddie Robinson Football Classic,
which twice was played before 83,000 fans at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City; 92,000 at Notre
Dame; 86,000 at the University of Nebraska; and 79,000 at the University of Wisconsin. His celebrity
golf events were played at historic East Lake in Atlanta and at the ever-beautiful Phoenician Resort &

Mike is a highly decorated veteran of the United States Air Force, having served in many key military
operations in the 1990s. His skill sets make for precise execution of complex strategies resulting in
maximum efficiency and sustained profits. He received his undergraduate degree in marketing from
Howard University.